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Hmm, I notice the 50 ma in the 240 has now tnerud down now, so standard playbook is to look for areas to get short? (strange isn't it, how market tnerud on a dime, I mean what happened tothe amazing unstoppable strength in the euro? I thought the dollar wassupposed to be weak on bad econ news, ahh wait, no dollar was only weak because such news meant QE. The actual bad news on the US economy doesn't really matter for EUR strength, nope it was all hope for QE. Well seriously though, why can't EUR resume it's rallying? Was EUR really allQE? Didn't German exports just blow all the estimates away, and didn't the banks give clarity of sovereign exposure inthe stress tests? Seems EUR bullish to me. Why aren't we buying this dip in EUR? And don't even get me started on Aussie, that thing will go beyond parity. Seems the situation has become clear for year end risk on rally inEuro and AudVA:F [1.9.10_1130]please wait...